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Poppy Campaign 2021

Poppy Project Installation 2021
at the Ridgeway Cenotaph

On display Nov 1st to Nov 12th 
This year's installation is in honour of the 100th Anniversary of the Remembrance Poppy. Thank you to the Graffiti Grannies for founding this project and all the Legion and community contributions to get the poppies knitted or crocheted and then sewn to the donated tennis net.
We are planning a larger display for 2022!

Thank you all.

Lest We Forget!

We Will Remember Them...

Geronimo Skydive Team
Geronimo at Skydiving Burnaby, Wainfleet, ON
Rev. John A. Wallace (Founder) & Rev
RCL Br 230 & 71 members
Folding the Cdn Flag Banner for jump
Team Introductions including 50 lbs parachute
All in the air!
Welcoming Committee

Geronimo Skydive Team Virtual Tribute Remembrance Day 2020, Skydive Burnaby, Wainfleet ON.

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